Civil Rights Policy

Clothing: Clothing will be made optional in the United States of America External: Countries that support slave or child labor will have their goods heavily taxed. Non-union goods will be taxed heavily as well. Housing Program: Reinvigorate federal housing production programs, Defend Fair Housing, Demand more from Affordable Housing Developers, Repair Public Housing, Childcare: quality … Continue reading Civil Rights Policy


Health Policy

Healthcare   Care: Doctors & hospitals must be "non-profit". A law must be passed so that doctors cannot make commission off of prescriptions or medicine. Coverage: The USA will use the Single Payer method that the UK uses. You cannot be denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition. Menstrual devices such as tampons and menstrual cups … Continue reading Health Policy

Education Policy

K-12   Elementary School: Students will be taught sexual education from a very young age.   Middle School: Students will be required to learn a second language   Highschool: Students in high school will no longer have to ask to use the bathroom.   Higher Education   Affordable Higher Education: All public colleges and universities must … Continue reading Education Policy


The Following are domestic brands that support American labor! Topo Designs (Backpacks & Clothing) American Apparel American Giant Almond Designs (Clothing) Detroit Watch Company Hardwick Hickey Freeman Flint & Tinder (Underwear) New England Outerwear Iron & Resin Edgevale Mollusk Surf Shop (Clothing & Surfboards) Buck Mason Brooklyn Boot Company (Footwear) American Trench Bills Khakis Taylor … Continue reading MADE IN USA