Criminal Justice Reform

Prison Reform



Ankle Bracelets will be issued to offenders, instead of prison, for non-violent cases. No one will go to prison for an offense involving using drugs (only for smugglers & dealers). Rapists must service the minimum sentence, and cannot get out on good behavior.

Jail Financing:

Ban for-profit company prisons

Fix “Quezon City Jail” in the Philippines



Police forces will be demilitarized so they don’t look and act like invading armies. We will create a police culture that allows for good officers to report the actions of bad officers without fear of retaliation and allows for a department to follow through on such reports.

W will require federal funding for body cameras for law enforcement officers, to make it easier to hold them accountable. We will require police departments and states to collect data on all police shootings and deaths that take place while in police custody and make that data public,  and enact new rules on the allowable use of force. Police officers need to be trained to de-escalate confrontations and to humanely interact with people who have mental illnesses





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