Education Policy



Elementary School:

Students will be taught sexual education from a very young age.


Middle School:

Students will be required to learn a second language



Students in high school will no longer have to ask to use the bathroom.


Higher Education


Affordable Higher Education:

All public colleges and universities must be tuition free. Public universities must be allowed to negotiate prices on textbooks. Loans will be defered for 3 years if you start a business, and get loan forgiveness if you create jobs. The interest on Federal Loans will be lowered to 2.37%.

Low-income students would be able to use federal, state and college financial aid to cover room and board, books and living expenses. Work Study programs would be boosted. Pell Grants would be expanded to make college more affordable.

Create the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program to forgive federal student loan debt after at least ten years of public service (80,000 hrs). Allow students with existing student loan debt to refinance their loans at lower rates. Housing, Food, Medical, & all expenses are paid if the student has a single parent or is an orphan (needs a certain GPA to stay in school though)

Education Courses:

Mathamatics must include Statistics, Calculus, Economics

English must include English, Rhetoric, Arguments and Persuasive Writing/Speaking, Public Speaking,

Art must include Theatre, Film Making, Art, Dance, Music (Learn whatever instrument you want, singing classes)

Communications must include Journalism, Television and Media, Strategic & PR,

Science must include Medical Health, Biology, Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Sports, Health class, Track & Field, Rugby, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Polo, Golf, Croquet, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding, Tennis, Cross country, Crossfit, Calisthenics, Aviation,

Strategic Skills must include maritime and Sailing, Military Strategy and Techniques, Self Defense (Bokatar, Krav Maga, Boxing, Kung Fu, Karate, Wing Chung, Jeet Kun Do, Judo),  Construction, IT, Coding, Web Development, Veterinary Services, Home Ec, Financial Literacy, Cooking, gun education, climbing, astrology, navigation by stars, Parenting 101, Driving Ed, CPR & The hymlic, defibrillator training, rescue training, fire extinguishing & education,de escalate situations, Gun Education, Sex Ed*

Sex Ed must include Sexual Orientation, Gender & Gender Identity, Pleasure, Protection, Relationships, Porn, and Parenting.

All bathrooms will be co-ed. Self Defense classes will be mandatory.



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