Election/Voting Policy

Public Debates:

Debates will be held on PBS only, with a predetermined schedule for the candidates. All candidates will debate on the same stage at the same time during the primaries, regardless of party. Moderators must have the ability to mute the candidate’s microphone if they go over the time limit, or start interrupting each other.

Campaign Financing:

Citizens United must be overturned. Campaigns can only start on a set date, decided by the federal government. Campaigns may only last 6 months. All local, state, and federal elections must be publicly funded. Candidates cannot bankroll their own campaigns, nor have corporations or special interest groups fund campaigns.  Candidates can only receive money for their campaign from registered citizens, with the maximum donation set at $100. Campaign workers must be volunteer based only.

Electoral College:

The Electoral college is meant to save the people from disastrous politicians. That system failed in the 2016 election. We must propose a constitutional amendment to overturn the electoral college. Future elections will be decided by the popular vote.

Voting rights:

“Election Day” will be a national holiday. All U.S citizens will be automatically enrolled to vote the day they turn 16. The voting age will be lowered to 16. Citizens will be allowed to vote online or on their phones. Make sure there are sufficient polling places and trained workers on election day. All eligible citizens will be allowed to vote, including those in jail or with felonies.



Worst voting states:
Puerto Rico
BAN– Donations to Campaigns*, Citizens United


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