Environmental Policy

Climate Change                                                                                                                                                   ————————-

Due to the overlooking fear of Climate Change, we need to act now if we plan to survive the next 100 years. Global warming is reversible if we act now! Here’s the plan…

Convert to clean & renewable energy:

The continuing burning of fossil fuels will only cause global warming to come faster. We must urge companies to lower their dependence on oil and fossil fuels, and enact laws to prohibit drilling for these fuels.

We have to limit the amount of energy companies like National Grid receive from the Fossil Fuel industry, with an annual regulation that gets higher each year! In the meantime, we need to enact a carbon tax that makes sure corporations pay for what they do to the environment.

We must also revoke the subsidies we give to the fossil fuel industry, and close the legal loopholes they are allowed to navigate. We have plenty of oil reserves to convert to clean energy in the meantime.

In terms of Jobs, we need to protect energy sector workers that specialize in oil and fracking, and train them to work with renewable energy instead. Yet we need to ban all advertising that is produced by the fossil fuel industry.

The USA should get its energy from wind turbines, solar power, hydropower, and other such means. Telsa just invented the Solar Roof, a $20,000 dollar roof that could power your home year round.

Reforestation and maintaining our rainforests:

The rainforests are our earth’s lungs, and the more we cut them down, the harder it is to reduce the amount of CO2 in our atmosphere. Some governments have begun to enact “seed bombing”, in which a fighter jet flies over an area of land and literally drops thousands of seeds.

Lower our dependence on power:

The average American consumes – in a day. We need to reduce that number if we are ever going to beat climate change. Here are some tips on how to reduce the amount of energy you use!

  • Wash your clothes with a foot-powered washing machine or manual washbags (Good companies include “Scrubba Wash Bag” and “Drumi” Washing Machines)
  • Bike, skateboard, walk, or carpool to work. You can always buy an electric motor for a skateboard for $500 bucks!

Sustainable food using Verticle Farms:

Traditional farming uses way too much water and energy to produce vegetables, grains, etc., each year. If the US invested in Verticle Farms, we could literally end world hunger.

Get the world to stop using animal products, and consuming meat:

Livestock Agriculture is the leading cause of global warming. We need to get all American citizens to go vegan if we are going to save ourselves from heat waves and rising water levels!

Get Americans to convert to hydrogen or electric powered cars

As a result, we need to build more recharging stations for electric powered cars. Also, hydrogen or water fueling stations must be built to meet the demand.

Get out of the “Paris Climate Agreement”

The title sounds cool, but its nothing but legal jargon. We need a concise policy for the world to follow.

Pollution                                                                                                                                                                 —————————–

Make companies use e-reicpts

It saves paper, and reduces waste. Plain and simple


Clean up the Oceans

In order to get people serious about pollution, we should have pictures that show what happens to plastic bags that are thrown out. These pictures would predominantly be displayed at Transfer Stations and on Recycling and Trash trucks.


Buy sustainable:

Instead of using plastic straws, buy reusable steel straws. Buy a reusable waterbottle. Buy a tote bag instead of using paper or plastic. There are companies, such as “Bakeys Edible Cutlery” that make disposable utensils out of wheat rather than plastic. Buy food and drinks that are packaged in paper or glass instead of plastic.



Most causes of climate change

-emissions of carbon dioxide from Power Plants, Transportation

-Greenhouse Gasses (Cars & Transportation=13%, Animal Production for food=50%)

– Methane produced from breaking down animals into food

– pesticides on farms and in agriculture

– deforestation

People who contribute the most to climate change:

-U.S & China with carbon emissions

– Chevron, Exxon, Mobil, BP, Shell (basically all oil and coal companies due to carbon emissions)

– Palm Oil Production (destroys forests to make places to grown palm trees)

– Commercial Agriculture (destroys trees)

– Cattle Ranching (Livestock ranches cause deforestation)

– Substinance Farming (Cocoa, Coffee)

– Logging/Cutting down trees for Timber/Firewood/Etc.

– Infrastructure Building (Demolition of rainforests to bios highways and houses)

– Mining (destroys land and habitats)

– Charcoal Production

– Forest Fires (destroys trees & probably gives off a lot of carbon emissions)

BAN: Coal, Fracking, Paper Bags, Plastic Bags, Oil & Gasoline, Natural Gas, Nuclear Power, Plastic Cutlery, Finning (A technique to cut fishes fins off and throw them back into the ocean), Animal Testing, Styrofoam, Ban fossil fuels lobbyists from working in the White House, Arctic oil drilling, Ban offshore drilling, Stop exports of liquefied natural gas and crude oil, mountaintop removal coal mining, Naval Bombing, Keystone Pipeline, Marine Litter, Meat Consumption


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