Food & Drug Policy

Food Policy


Nutrition Labels:

Nutrition labels much include the daily amount or value for sugar intake in a product. Meat and other carcinogens must be labeled as “cancer causing” just like tobacco. There must be a federal law to regulate expiration dates on food.

Foods that contain harmful ingredients such as “Sorbital” & “Aspartame” must be labeled “Diabetic Only”.

Ingredients such as Soy, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavoring & coloring, Soy Lecithin, Civet coffee, and eventually meat, must all be banned.

Enforcing the law:

We need harsher investigations into the USDA. Laws about the food grading system must be reformed, so foods cannot be thrown away because they look unappetising.

Food Waste:

Impose a tax or fine on companies and businesses that throw away perfectly edible food.


Drug & Substance Policy



The legal drinking age will be lowered to 16.


Marijuana will lose its schedule 1 classification, and its legal age to purchase will be 16. The amount of THC in each strain or product will be regulated.

Hard Drugs such as Cocaine/ Opium/ Mushrooms/ Herion:

All hard drugs will be decriminalized, and drug abuse will be seen as a public health issue. Anyone caught dealing hard drugs will be sent to jail. Anyone caught using hard drugs will be sent to a “detoxing” clinic, in which they will be allowed to use the drug in lower doses until they have effectively been weaned off the drug.



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