Civil Rights Policy

Clothing: Clothing will be made optional in the United States of America

External: Countries that support slave or child labor will have their goods heavily taxed. Non-union goods will be taxed heavily as well.

Housing Program:

Reinvigorate federal housing production programs, Defend Fair Housing, Demand more from Affordable Housing Developers, Repair Public Housing,


quality affordable childcare for working families, especially for parents who work non-traditional hours

Environmental Civil Rights:

equal enforcement of environmental, civil rights and public health laws, address the inadequate environmental cleanup efforts of Superfund hazardous waste sites in communities of color, challenge faulty assumptions in calculating, assessing and managing risks, discriminatory zoning and land-use practices and exclusionary policies,


Advance policies to ensure students can attend school without fear of bullying, and work to reduce suicides, require police departments to adopt policies to ensure fairer interactions with transgender people, especially transgender women of color who are often targeted by police unfairly, and institute training programs to promote compliance with fair policies, Bar discrimination against LGBT people by creditors and banks so that people will not be unfairly denied mortgages, credit cards, or student loans, Veto any legislation that purports to “protect” religious liberty at the expense of others’ rights.

Require Gender Neutral Bathrooms, or pass laws that force all United States bathrooms to be co-ed


fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and vocational education programs. We also need to expand funding for Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRCs), which aim to provide “one-stop shopping” for information on long-term services and support,

Immigration/ Immigrants: Cannot deport “illegal” immigrants if they don’t have a criminal record, tourist, or are seeking asylum.

Race relations: 

We will stop asking what race people are on their reports or on applications (Ban the Box, Part II)

Native Americans:


Give native Americans their land back, & treat them better. Do more research on Native Americans.

Independence: Scottish, Irish
Price gouging laws (fuck supply & demand)

Allow Kashmir to vote what they want to do with their country

– the USA will be made clothing optional


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