Labor and Economic Policy

Labor Updates:

The new workweek in the USA would be reduced to 32 Hours. Anyone who works over 32 hours a week must be paid overtime. The minimum wage would be raised to $19 per hour. The retirement age would be lowered to 55. The minimum wage would also include prison labor, as the USA will not support sweatshops and slave labor. If you work over 8 hours a day, you are entitled to overtime pay.

Benefits such as paid holidays, vacations, sick time, personal days, must be available to all full-time employees, regardless of the job or state. Tipping would be banned, as waiters and servers would be paid a living wage. Paid maternity/sick leave for parents as well.

We must pass federal legislation to ensure pay equity for women.


Economic Updates:

Break up all the Monopolies. An insurance fee will be implemented for stock & bond transactions (In case of an economic crash)


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